"MOROS" Response

Mobile Onsite Rhamnolipid Operational Scrub Response

MOROS - Greek for “impending doom”

Using Artificial Intelligence “AI” through Drones and Robotics to:

1. Reverse Environmental Contamination
2. Control Plant and Tree Diseases, Fungi and Viruses in Agricultural and Cannabis Industries
3. Reverse soil contamination by Petroleum (hydrocarbons)
4. Reverse soil contamination by Metals (cadmium, Iron etc.)
5. Control Coal Ash contamination
6. Control Citrus Greening disease “HLB”
7. Water Purification

All Rhamnolipid applications use our Cantilever Technology.


MOROS AI Cantilever Technology can determine:

  • Environmental fingerprints using Exascale “Data Mining”
  • Type of plant and tree disease by weight of particle in femtograms
  • Parts Per million ("PPM") of metal/petroleum contamination
  • Coal Ash contamination saturation

Our Artificial Intelligence “Learning Machines” analyzes data obtained from our cantilever sensors. The AI platform will then manage drones and robots to reverse environmental contamination and disease by use of biosurfactants.

Learn more at morosai.com.

MOROS AI Cantilever technology