Rhamnolipid Drone Technology

Rhamnolipid, Inc. has entered into a joint venture with a Massachusetts based drone and Unmanned Ariel Vehicle “UAV” company, September 2018.

Our technology is based on prior technology from the US Department of Energy “DOE”/ US Department of Defense “USDOE” / Oak ridge National Laboratory/ technology improvement for the Agricultural Industry.

Drone Nanotechnology

Rhamnolipid, Inc. state-of-the-art drone nanotechnology consists of:

  • No Toxic additives used
  • Self-cleaning after detection
  • Proprietary software for detection elements
  • Charged particle Cantilever
  • Can detect chemical and disease signature of plants/trees

image by sciencestockphotos.com

image by sciencestockphotos.com

Basics of how our technology works

A Bio-Chem detection system using nanotechnology elements to identify and measure minute particles of biological and/or chemical elements. Also measures combined surface reaction and spectrum absorption methods. Our drone sensor device provides real-time detection and identification of minute particles (femtograms) of any chemical or biological material and biological species through DNA/RNA.

image by sciencestockphotos.com

Patent Application Number - 62/728827