"MOROS" Response

Mobile Onsite Rhamnolipid Operational Scrub Response

MOROS - Greek for “impending doom”

Our Mobile Rhamnolipid Biosurfactant Application consists of:

1. Rhamnolipid cleaning of Petroleum in soil (hydrocarbons)
2. Rhamnolipid cleaning of Metals (cadmium, Iron) management
3. Rhamnolipid cleaning of Coal Ash management
4. Rhamnolipid cleaning of Algae Bloom management
5. Rhamnolipid Agricultural Control of Citrus Greening “HLB”
6. Rhamnolipid Cleaning of Wastewater

All Rhamnolipid applications use our Drone Technology

Using data obtained from GPS-equipped Unmanned Aerial Vehicles “UAVs” (Drones) to optimize rhamnolipid application management through:

  • Real time high definition imagery
  • Laser sensor technology
  • Thermal imaging
  • Exact analysis

Our Rhamnolipid Drones can convert data quickly to assess:

  • Level of damage from Oil spills
  • Coal ash contamination
  • Type and level of disease in Agricultural
  • Parts Per million ("PPM") of metal/petroleum contamination
  • Algae Bloom contamination